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Emanuel Joseph Toney


  • manny_edited

New York native Emanuel Joseph Toney saw an opportunity after moving to Memphis in 2006 to begin his higher education at the University of Memphis.  No one was selling the Italian ice treats that make summers sweet for people who live in the North East.  So that year, at the age of 18, Emanuel opened Manny’s New York Italian Ice, selling his fine frozen fruit creations out of a mobile truck.

“Italian ice is something I grew up with as a child,” Emanuel said. “It was a feeling of home that I was desiring, but there wasn’t anybody selling it. So that need caused me to start my business.”

In 2012, the young entrepreneur needed some financing to repair his truck. After learning about Liftfund through a news report, Emanuel applied for a loan.  His $4,000 working capital loan enabled him to repair his mobile truck, buy supplies, pay his part-time employee, and start developing his company’s website.

Emanuel graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in business, and is working on getting his master’s in business administration. After finishing his studies, Emanuel hopes to grow Manny’s New York Italian Ice into a Southern franchise.